Moving to Clermont? Here Are 10 Reasons Why It’s A Great Idea!

Why would anyone choose to move to Clermont fl?

Moving To Clermont Fl | Top 10 Reasons Why People Move To Clermont

Are you thinking of moving to Clermont Fl? Here are the top 10 reasons why people move to Clermont. You will find out what makes Clermont and the South Lake area special. After all, you want to know what the hype is all about right?

Orlando is a top tourist destination in the world and people plan their vacations for up to years in advance. They end up falling in love with the theme parks and all the things to do here. Above all, you will discover whether moving to Orlando and the South Lake area is an option for you.

In addition, as someone who has made the life changing trip to relocate to Florida from up North, I will give my honest and neutral opinion of Clermont and the surrounding area.

After that, make sure the checkout how affordable in the cost of living of Clermont homes for sale.

Basic areas to consider are:




Google Map of Clermont Fl boundaries

Google Map of Clermont Fl boundaries

So you’re thinking of moving to Clermont Fl…

When people think of moving to Florida they probably think that there’s a bunch of small towns with people on their front porch with a thick accent, and not many things to do. For instance, coming from a big city myself I originally thought there was not much sophistication as let’s say a big city, but this can’t be further from the truth. There are so many things to do in Clermont and Orlando. Besides Las Vegas — it really is the entertainment epicenter of the United States.

Clermont Florida Scenery with its Rolling Hills and Sparkling Lakes

Clermont Florida Scenery with its Rolling Hills and Sparkling Lakes

As you enter Clermont you notice that it is very unique. The topography has many hills and just north of Clermont there is Sugarloaf Mountain which is the highest point in all of Florida at 312 above sea level. In addition, the surrounding topography ranges from low peaks of 116 feet above sea level to 307 feet above sea level. Clermont is surrounded by sparkling lakes and scenic hills from every angle. It is beautiful and home of Olympic Athletes in training. Many people work at Walt Disney World and commute and some work locally from home. Its the best of both worlds!


Clermont Relocation Guide

Clermont Relocation Guide

Before we get into our reasons for moving to Clermont let’s go for a micro history lesson.

Founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1916, Clermont is full of historical charm. Historic Downtown Clermont is about Clermont’s History. According to Lake County’s biography site, “They incorporated as the Clermont Improvement Company under the laws of New Jersey…with A. F. Wrotnoski, General manager and Treasure. Selecting the name CLERMONT for their town site, from Wrotnoski’s birthplace in France”. Therefore, Clermont, Florida is named after Clermont-Ferrand in France.

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Clermont Stats

Population: 53,000

Biggest industries in Clermont: Healthcare and Social Assistance, Education, Retail trade, Arts, Entertainment and Recreation, and Accommodation and Food.

Median Estimated Home Values (Q3 2019): Clermont – $269,000 Minneola – $232,000

Local College: Lake Sumter Community College

Non-Local College: University of Central Florida  – It is around 45-60 minutes away just East of Orlando.

Closest major airport: Orlando International Airport (MCO) It is around a 30-45 minute drive depending on traffic that day.

How far is the beach? Cocoa Beach is 1 hr 30 mins, Clearwater Beach is 1 hour 50 mins, Anna Maria Island Beach is 2 hours 10 mins

So let me tell you the 10 reasons why moving to Clermont is an awesome idea!

1. Cost of Living in Clermont Fl

The number one reason people are moving to Clermont Fl is because of affordability. You can start-off with a home for around $275,000. Not just my opinion even says it is the #2 best place to live in lake county with an A- overall grade.

Whether you’re looking for a 3 bedroom starter home, a new construction home, a luxury lakefront home with access to the chain of lakes, town home or luxury apartment with amenities. Clermont has everything here for a lot less money compared to other lake living neighborhoods.

How do you tell someone you have access to the Chain of Lakes which are three major bodies of water that also have smaller lakes that flow into each other, thus calling it the “Chain of Lakes”. Some are linked together and include waterways that you can hop from lake to lake. And your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune with some as low as $275,000 to $350,000, pretty cool right??

So from a numbers viewpoint with the cost of living, if you make $50,000 in Brooklyn, new York you only need to make $25,346 in Clermont to have the same standard of living. The median home price in New York City is $781,200 and in Clermont the median home price is $255,400. Right there you have a $525,800 difference that saves you money!

2. Clermont Fl Scenery is the bomb!

Everywhere you go from every angle Clermont has scenic views. It’s amazing how interesting the landscape is. So you can imagine yourself waking up and the sun is rising. It is so clear and you just gush about how grateful you are to have this slice of paradise as your home!

If you are coming from a snowy place and then see how beautiful Clermont is, everyday you are in awe of its majestic hills and glistening lakes that twinkle underneath the Florida sun.

People here are active. You can enjoy playing a round of golf, biking along the trails, or visiting theme park attractions.

Interested in some insane water views? Tour a home with access to the Chain of Lakes. The Chain of Lakes are 3 main bodies of water that have waterways that connect to each other. These bigger lakes connect to other smaller lakes and creates a reasonably sized chain of Lakes to go lake hopping. There are many communities that either have a private dock for that home or a community boat dock where you can bring your own boat on a trailer.

Moving to Clermont Fl is looking more attractive isn’t it? If you love the idea of lake life, jet skiing or boating then this is a place to call home!

Clermont Fl Hills and Lakes

Clermont Fl Hills and Lakes

3. No State Income Tax

The counties and cities are responsible for the taxes contrary to if the State charged income tax. Florida gets it’s revenue by sales taxes and bed taxes. Bed taxes are taxes you pay when you stay in a hotel. In addition, Orlando is #2 for cities with the most hotel rooms in the United States. 

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4. Many job opportunities

The unemployment rate for Florida according to Bureau of Labor Statistics was only 3.5%(March 2019). The majority of residents commute to Orlando or the surrounding area. There is no shortage of hospitality related businesses due to tourism being the epicenter of employment.

Major hospital is South Lake Hospital and Orlando Health in Winter Garden.

Disney park jobs employs 53,500 people and is a big employer here.

Other major corporations include:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • NBC Universal
  • Sea World Entertainment
  • Orange County Public Schools
  • State of Florida Government
  • Wal-Mart Stores
  • Adventist Health System
  • Florida Hospital

5. Not As Congested

Although Clermont has had so much rapid growth and it can be very busy at times, compared to a larger major city, Clermont is pleasant to drive in.

Driving in Clermont Fl, Route 27 by Clermont Landing

Driving in Clermont Fl, Route 27 by Clermont Landing

6. Weather is Beautiful

The average temperature in the colder months like October is 84 degrees as a high and 65 degrees as a low. The average temperature in the hottest month like July is 92 degrees as a high and 72 degrees as a low. Yes there are cold months in Florida and it can get pretty cold. However, there is definitely no more snow shoveling or driving through black ice and slipping on sleet. Therefore, moving here means you won’t be using your jacket nine months out of the year.

After that, the remaining of the year means you better own a pair of shorts and flip flops. It is a tropical climate so humidity is high and I must admit it is HOT! Similarly, it’s a trade-off either way. For instance, you either stay inside in the cold up north and plow snow or you stay inside in the hottest months and there’s no snow plowing. Virtually every place here has a HVAC system so staying in a cool place inside is easy breezy. In addition, you can take a dip in the hundreds of lakes we have here in Lake County.

7. So Many Things to Do Here

There is lots of shopping! In other words, in between shopping and restaurants we’ve got some really good selections and variety. There is a great blend between chain restaurants and mom and pop shops.

Clermont Landing Shopping Mall right off of Route 27

Clermont Landing Shopping Mall right off of Route 27

Above all, there are many things to do without going outside Clermont. Orlando is only 20 miles away, a 30 minute drive away. When you hear of Orlando it’s usually tied to taking the kiddos to Disney World or the other super popular theme parks such a Legoland, Universal Studios, Fun Spot America, Seaworld, and much more.

Entertainment in Clermont Landing Shopping Center, off of Route 27

Entertainment in Clermont Landing Shopping Center, off of Route 27

8. People Are Nice Here

They actually open doors here for you and are courteous. Now, its not like this 100% of the time because no place is perfect. But, as I compare to a bigger city where everyone is in a rush and they just don’t do those things often, it makes you appreciate it when they do.


Clermont Relocation Guide

Clermont Relocation Guide

9. It’s a Fitness Paradise

World renowned Olympic athletes train here. You can see cyclists every Sunday morning at 9am training because of the miles of trails that go on and on. In addition, there’s a coast to coast trail that leads from Florida’s east coast to the lengths of Florida’s west coast. Above all, athletes are attracted to the hills and they love a good challenge like up the biggest hill in Florida, Sugarloaf Mountain. For instance, with an elevation of 312 feet, cyclists enjoy a challenge.

National Training Center by South Lake Hospital, Orlando Health

10. Thriving Economy

In conclusion, Clermont has been experiencing rapid growth with new businesses popping up. In 2018, there were 140 new businesses, 40 of them being in the downtown Clermont area around Montrose Street. After that, this is attractive to the people that live here because they know economic growth improves home values. Above all, Median Estimated home values are up 5.33%% from the last 12 months(Today’s Date is 7/3/2019).

For instance, here are some major projects include:

  • Olympus Sports Complex
  • Fifty West
  • Montrose Street Market
  • Clermont Art Walk

New Business Construction in Clermont FL, Hook Street and Citrus Tower Blvd

Don’t You Just Love It

In conclusion, whether you are moving to Clermont or a surrounding area or considering it, you can see it is an amazing place to call home, work, and enjoy life. You end up falling in love with this area because it is the best of both worlds having a perfect balance of suburban living that keeps its small town origin and limitless amount of things to do as Orlando being a hub of entertainment. If you are seriously thinking about making the move to Clermont & Orlando or you just have a few questions you would like answered about the Clermont or surrounding Orlando area, please feel free Id be happy to answer them.

Still need some answers? Get in touch with me by calling or shooting me a quick text to 352-613-3644. I can provide you with that information and if I don’t know the answer I have a wealth of resources I would be happy to share with you.


Clermont Relocation Guide

Clermont Relocation Guide

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