Schools in Clermont Fl

Schools in Clermont Fl

Schools in Clermont Fl | Elementary

Let’s tour all the Public elementary schools located in Clermont Florida. We are going to talk about school ratings and rankings, student to teacher ratios, and schools such as Cypress Ridge elementary school, Pine Ridge elementary school clermont fl, and more! You will find that the schools in Clermont offer a wide variety of options for your children.



Clermont Public Elementary Schools

Lost Lake Elementary School

1901 Johns Lake Rd, Clermont, FL 34711

(352) 243-2433

Lost lake Elementary (2)

How to determine the Right Clermont School for Your Child

This is specifically tailored for your child. Only you know your child the most and will know what will fit their personality the most. Do you think your child thrives on more attention in the classroom? Then you might consider a school with a lower student to teacher ratio.

Do you see your child leaning towards science and math then you might consider a STEM schools that emphasizes on the proper programs? Do you see your child going the route of athleticism than consider a school with rankings in that?

Of course its impossible to see what route your child will take when they are so young but you do get clues along the way. Currently my four year old is fascinated with bugs so will he be into science? I really don’t know if its a phase or not but its well worth a try to get him into things he currently likes.

Pine Ridge Elementary School

10245 County Road 561, Clermont Fl 34711

(352) 242-2223

Pine Ridge Elementary (2)

Cypress Ridge Elementary School

350 East Ave, Clermont, Fl 34711

(352) 394-6633

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Downtown Clermont FL – South Lake Downtown Area

History of Clermont Florida

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Cypress Ridge Elementary (1)

Clermont Elementary School

680 E Highland Ave, Clermont, Fl 34711

(352) 394-2706

Clermont Elementary (1)

Minneola Elementary Charter

320 E Pearl St, Minneola, FL 34715

(352) 394-2600

Minneola Elementary Charter (2)

Grassy Lake Elementary

100 Fosgate Road, Minneola, FL 34715

(352) 242-0313

Grassy Lake Elementary

School Report for Clermont Florida


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