Living in Clermont Fl

Living in Clermont Fl

What is it like Living in Clermont Fl?

We are going to take a tour and go on this journey of peeling the multi-faceted city.

Are you thinking of moving to Clermont FL? Maybe you saw homes for sale in Clermont, FL or are curious about the cost of living?  Here you will find out what’s it really like living here. We are going to talk about all these things including the population, towns nearby like winter garden, and much more.

clermont fl map boundaries

clermont fl map boundaries

south clermont

South Clermont

So, What is it like Living Here?

Clermont has so many hidden gems. Hidden gems meaning that you do not get tired of exploring all the layers that Clermont has to offer.  Some examples of what I mean is the topography and scenic views. I talk a lot about this is the Moving to Clermont FL post. The area is surrounded my breathtaking views primarily due to the large hills and gorgeous lakes.

On the lakes you may do activities such as kayaking, boating, fishing, jet skis and more. So many things to do in Clermont Fl that you will never run out of ideas!

The new Clermont Boat ramp just opened up on May 5th, 2020. As part of the Clermont Florida master plan they increased parking and doubled the launching pads.

The trails are amazing. You can bike, walk, run, jog, roller blade and stroll at your leisure. The South Lake Trail and Hancock Trail are two of the many trails you find in the area. The Florida Coast to Coast Connector trail joins many smaller trails together and allows you to ride the entire way. That is if you are up for riding 250 miles! This is one of the many reasons why Clermont is named the “Choice of Champions”, for all the Olympic athletes that train here not just for the trails but also for the challenging hills. So if you like biking this is the place to be!


Different Areas

Clermont is a large city. I am going to break the areas down into five sections geographically because there’s so many different parts to Clermont.

Area #1 North Clermont

The city of Minneola lies here and is a different town with its own zip code. Clermont and Minneola also share a zip code which is the 34715 zip code. Sometimes you will find addresses in Clermont, Fl 34715 and Minneola, Fl 34715 as well. Minneola also has a turnpike entrance. The area is booming with a lot of new construction. Publix has invested in placing a supermarket nearby the Minneola turnpike entrance. They already purchased the land and are ready to build.  It is a bit detached from central Clermont, but it has many benefits. You are closer to Disney parks and where all the tourism is prominent.


Clermont Relocation Guide

Clermont Relocation Guide


Area #3 West Clermont

If you would like access to the chain of lakes, most lake access communities are located here. Although there are many residential subdivisions with lake access, it may take 10-20 minutes to get to the center of Clermont. If proximity to the turnpike is important to you, you might consider living in Nort Clermont or east Clermont.


Area #4 Central Clermont

Central Clermont is located along highway 50. The central part has downtown Clermont fl. One of the best things to love is that it has this cozy small-town feel. If you like to ride your bike, walk and enjoy the outdoors you will love the Waterfront Park! You can explore in much more detail what downtown Clermont has to offer by reading my downtown Clermont post here.

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Clermont Relocation Guide

Clermont Relocation Guide


Area #5 East Clermont

East Clermont has the Clermont turnpike entrance number 272 nearby. It is closer to towns nearby like Winter Garden, Fl and Oakland. Mostly filled with commuter communities. If proximity to the turnpike is important to you, this area is for you. This area also have some waterfront homes for sale in clermont florida. You may also choose to live in proximity to North Clermont with the Minneola turnpike entrance. It is a couple miles further down and allows for easy access to Orlando.

There are restaurants all over from amazing small businesses to franchise drive through’s. You won’t have to travel far to enjoy gourmet meals and explore all the wonderful chefs in the area. Although food and restaurants are located everywhere, the bulk of them are concentrated in between East Clermont and Central Clermont areas.

Cost of Living

According to the Cost of living in Miami is 14.4% more expensive than Clermont. The cost of living in Edison, NJ is 46.5% more expensive than in Clermont. In Mystic, CT the cost of living is more expensive than Clermont, Fl by 14.5%. In Salem, MA it is more expensive by 12.7%.

If you enjoy the beaches, well Florida as you know has the best beaches probably in the entire United States. Dip your feet in the sand and enjoy the salty life with each coast being only 1 hour and 30 minutes. So, if you want to get some gulf water in you, enjoy beaches like Clearwater and St Pete. If you would like to go to the Atlantic you may visit Daytona Beach or Cocoa Beach.


The population is currently 56,400 people. It’s growing rapidly with all the new construction both residential and commercial buildings. The population has grown by 28% since 2010.


Clermont Relocation Guide

Clermont Relocation Guide


Clermont, Fl Homes for Sale

Occasionally I get asked can I buy houses for sale in Clermont, Fl under 200k? And I usually say that the median avg home price is at $272,000 and so the inventory for homes under 200k is very limited. There may be ones that pop up every now and then but they may require alot of work.

What is to love?

What is there to love about Clermont? You will be constantly peeling the layers of what Clermont has to offer. Clermont is always keeping me on my feet of new and fun things to do and places to go. Clermont is a multi-faceted city because no matter how long you have lived here, you always find new places to check out or new places to go.

Living in Clermont means you keep unfolding and discovering new places to go and things to do. Things to do such as all mom and pop shops, the cafes, the new businesses constantly emerging, the breweries, and restaurants. Also, the lakes, the boat rides, jet skis, the water fun, parks, and the trails, you can do it all here! You do not have to travel too far to enjoy yourself. I love all the free options too because the weather is great and so you do not always have to resort to paying an arm and a leg for entertainment. If you love nature and the outdoors, especially water, then Clermont is for you. Welcome to Clermont life!

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