5 Benefits of Foreclosed Home Investing in Florida

Are you interested in investing in foreclosed homes in Florida? Properties in Florida enter various stages of foreclosure all the time. For a savvy investor, foreclosures can represent a great investment opportunity.

But what is it about foreclosures that can make them good for investing? Read this post to learn about the benefits of foreclosure investing in Florida.

The Benefits of Foreclosed Home Investing

The Cost

The prices are the top benefit that attracts investors to foreclosures. A distressed property will almost always sell for below market value. In many cases, the properties sell for well below market value. It means you can pick up quality real estate at lower costs. The lower cost basis offers a better chance at a high return on the investment.

Fast Sales

Foreclosure sales can often move faster than conventional home sales. To start, you won’t have to deal with a drawn-out negotiating process with the homeowner. Another point is that banks and mortgage lenders are often motivated to move foreclosed homes off their books. They don’t want to have to look after the property, and they are motivated to turn it around for cash.

Clean Titles

Buying from an investor or owner might be more complex than it seems. The property might have liens against it, or the owner might owe property taxes. However, banks typically handle all these issues on the properties they own. They will get the taxes up to date and clear the mortgage. You should always perform a title search, but you are less likely to find title issues with foreclosures.

Less Competition

Finding and vetting foreclosure properties is usually more work than it is with other homes. Many investors and homebuyers don’t want to go through the trouble. You won’t have as much competition with fewer people in the market. That means there is less worry about a competing buyer coming in with a lower offer.


Foreclosed properties have a strong potential to gain value. Once you buy it and start resolving issues, the value can go up quickly. The effect will be even stronger if the prices of similar homes in the area start to increase. With these factors, the value of your overall portfolio can grow fast when you invest in foreclosed homes. The idea is that you get 8-11% return on investment every year which is a very conservative return and then when you end up selling the property you double your money, that is the concept and what makes real estate investing the chance to really build wealth.

Investing in foreclosed homes can be beneficial. With that said, it takes a lot of work, and there are pitfalls. It is one of the reasons why you should work with an experienced local real estate agent, but not just any agent. Remember to pick an agent that has experience with doing their own investment properties as I have grown the portfolios of many investors throughout the years and know the ins and outs, what to look for, percentage ROI, property repairs, analysis on a property, etcetera. I really do believe to think like an investor you have had to be an investor at one point.

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