Why Four Corners, Florida is the Perfect Real Estate Investment

Four Corners, Florida is a census-designated place. It is the intersection of Lake, Polk, Orange, and Osceola Counties. Four Corners, Florida, is an excellent place to live but also a great place for real estate investing.

What makes the Four Corners area good for investment? Read on to learn more.

Why Four Corners Florida is a Great Place for Real Estate Investment

A Prime Location in the State

Part of what makes Four Corners real estate valuable is its proximity to many key areas of the state. It is only about a half hour from Orlando and less than an hour from Lakeland. Four Corners is also only about an hour and twenty minutes from Tampa. Easy access to these areas makes it an attractive place to live.

A Good Area for Employment

The Four Corners area also performs well for employment. Along with the many jobs in Four Corners, residents have access to good jobs in nearby cities. In addition to low unemployment, the local job market is growing. The job market in Four Corners grew by almost 4% last year. Forecasts also indicate that the job market will continue to grow higher than the national average.

Population Growth

As a result of the strong economy, the population of Four Corners is growing. People want to move to Four Corners for job opportunities. The Four Corners population is growing at a rate of almost 5%. This growth is much higher than the national average. Experts predict that the population will keep growing. With more people moving to the area, investors should expect increased demand for housing. It will also lead to more economic development in Four Corners.

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 Increasing Home Prices

Home prices in Four Corners, Florida are also increasing. As of January 2023, the median sale price was under $425,000. That is close to a 9% increase from January 2022. While that is slightly down from all-time highs in August, 2022, the long-term trend is strong. If you go back five years, the median sale price has almost doubled.

Rents on the Rise

Another effect of housing demand in Four Corners is the growing rent price. The average rent in the area is up by almost 8% from the same period last year. That is over 2% higher than the national average. As the population continues to grow, rents should continue to increase. With rents rising, it could be a good time to invest in rentals.

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