Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Want to keep your kids entertained? Here are my top 5 easy and mess free activities for kids at home

Let’s face it the world has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic but even if you are needing rainy day activities whether it be for toddlers or your older kids, here are the top 5 Indoor Activities for Kids at Home that kept my kid entertained for hours. Kids need creative activities at home but who has the time energy and endless art supplies to do all this stuff you find moms doing? Only for them to use that sensory and movement activities for 5 minutes after you spent 2-3 hours putting it together for them. Now every child is different, and I understand that, but here’s what worked for me.

1. Leftover Holiday Toys

You can search the web and shop online at Michael’s or Joann’s craft stores or Walmart and Target and get massive discounts if you just passed a recent holiday. During COVID-19 Easter just passed so the day after I searched online and got clicking to spend way less money than if it wasn’t a post-holiday. This is also a good way to stock up for next year’s Easter hunt so you’re not scrambling at last minute, so your kid has a decent Easter.

2. Magic Ink Coloring books

These books are mess free and easy to do on a rainy day like today because its invisible ink. You need the marker to hit the book so that the colors light up. It also tricks your 3 or 4-year-old that they did the coloring themselves when in reality it was pre-colored. These coloring books are great, especially if you have white grout with white tile all throughout your home like me (good choice on my part).

3. Kinetic sand or make your own

So easy to make if you are on a shoestring budget, with simple ingredients. Not every toy keeps a kid interested, but there is something about kinetic sand that keeps them involved, it provides an infinite amount of engagement.

4. Balloon

This is another low cost one. Its all well and fun until it pops and startles the living c$@)! out of you while you have your face mask on or your painting your pretty nails pink.

5. Paper Airplanes

Really had fun with this one because I was engaging with him and flew them across the house for an our or so, great time killer, hey mam — it’s better than TV!!!

6. Poppers

I don’t know the name of these so I call them little poppy things stick to most table surfaces and they can push them down and they pop up unexpectedly who knew? Another great time killer.

Whoever wrote that book? Go the F to Sleep needs an award

If your child refuses to go to bed like mine check out how we used our own jedi mind trick to get our child to go to sleep.

Ok so it works 3 out of 7 nights a week but as a tired mom that can go to sleep at 8pm every night and your kid is ever so resilient and trying to win the battle even his own body is signaling he needs to got to sleep. Let’s not forget when he starts laughing and being goofy when mama bear is def not laughing and daddy bear is down stairs hearing the chaos that is happening and about to go upstairs and discipline baby bear.

So what are your thoughts about these Creative Indoor Activities for Kids at Home?

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