Moving Tips for Families | Best Moving Apps

Moving Tips for Families | Best Moving Apps

If you haven’t done so already and you are planning for a move, you have to know that moving with kids can be an absolute nightmare. I was originally going to name this post 5 Hacks for Moving With Kids Less Stressful and then as I was thinking about my own move that I just recently did(during the holidays, which was just a terrible decision) I was like there was nothing easy about it! That is the plain truth there is no work around or short cut so the word “hack” was out of the question because you are probably going to be so emotionally and physically exhausted by the end of your move you will want to vegetate for a whole month. Therefore, I came up with the 5 Best Moving Apps I used to make moving just a tiny bit better for you.



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#5 Walabot DIY

This wall scanner app helps identify where metal studs, wood studs, pipes, wires and cables, conduit, and tracking pests and rodents. It does cost around $90 but it helps put less holes in your walls.

Best moving Apps - Walabot DIY 2


#4 Facebook Marketplace

When I had to let go of my desk unit that wouldn’t fit into my new office space. I simply snapped a photo with a short description on Facebook Marketplace. Tons of interest came in with people messaging me about it. I sold it for $200 in 2-3 days which was great and we can all use some extra cash right?

Best Moving Apps - Facebook Marketplace (2)Best Moving Apps - Facebook Marketplace 1

#3 Instacart

The first couple weeks as you are still unpacking all your kitchen stuff, you cant find anything! If you are anything like me you need everything organized and in its place until you can function again. With Instacart you can order your groceries and have them delivered or pick up yourself. Who has time to go food shopping when you are unpacking?

For delivery you can choose your delivery window which is convenient. It does include a driver tip section from $0 to 20% or other amount. Its always good to include a tip after all that person spent all that time getting the groceries you need.

Best moving Apps - Instacart (1)Best moving Apps - Instacart 2

#2 TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is one of the best moving apps. The workers here are super professional and they even have movers here as well. Its as easy as 1-2-3 to pick your contractor based on their skills, previous jobs, reviews, and hourly rate they require. Then you pick what you need done from help moving, furniture assembly, mounting TVs mirrors, home repairs, cleaning, and winterizing your home.

All for great rates and everyone has to pass a background check. I personally used them to help move some very heavy furniture which I was going to rent a truck out and cost me more money but you can pick to choose a contractor that requires having a truck — this saved me so much hassle!

Best moving Apps - Task Rabbit 1Best moving Apps - Task Rabbit 3Best moving Apps - Task Rabbit 4

#1 Door Dash

Moving is so darn hectic that even if you planned ahead of time and made sandwiches it just wouldn’t be enough food. I mean the hunger level was way above normal because you are moving boxes and burning up more energy.

Door Dash app was super easy and to save money on the delivery fees I chose the restaurants nearby in the category “First Order, $0 Delivery Fee” or the ones that said “Free delivery over $12”.

Best Moving Apps - Door Dash 2Best Moving Apps - Door Dash 1Best Moving Apps - Door Dash 3

Other Helpful Things that I used in my home are:

  1. My obsession with command hooks. you can command hook just about anything! We are anti wall hole makers and this is the ultimate solution. I love art and that means I hang up art pieces in the home which means hole in the walls. I thought about command hooks this time as I bought a new construction home and purchased a bunch, probably returning those I did not use.
  2. Litter Robot – they are pricey but so worth the $600. I bought the bundle package on Black Friday Sale since we moved around that time and it has made life a lot easier with that thing. Get $25 off your purchase at checkout here:
  3. Ruggable – washable rugs to make your life a tiny bit easier. Just pop them in the washer and dryer and they are clean, who said cleaning had to be so much work? I love Ruggable – the washable area rug that will fit into your washing machine! Here is 15% off your first purchase.
  4. Norwex – Talking about cleaning i knew I wanted to change to this from a while ago, and I should’ve sooner. I think it took this move to really motivate me that things are going to be different this time around. My journey of less chemicals does not start here. But let me tell you boy am i glad I switched to the light side of the force. With Norwex you clean with just water and the cloths have embedded silver particles which disinfect the cloth. You don’t need to wash after every use. It’s a genius of a system and I even became sales consultant because I love all their products so much and for the 35% discount – I just had to take advantage!

So what are your thoughts about these best moving apps?


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