Minneola Hills New Homes

minneola hills new homes

The Hills of Minneola is experiencing rapid growth, booming with so many things happening that we will go over all the little tid bits in this video.

Minneola Hills New Homes

Single Family New Construction Homes

There are going to be single family residential spaces popping up in the future.

There’s going to be general commercial areas with a mix of retail and offices and everything that they build is going to be so unique and bring a lot of character to the area.

The building materials being used give it such a dynamic touch.

For the institutional space which is basically a K through 8 school will be built. Students can walk or bike to school. There’s also open spaces, conservation and park available to them.

Currently there are three builders that are actively building homes which consists of Starlight homes, Ashton woods, and Meritage Homes situated on the big hill overlooking the greenery and the beautiful Sugarloaf mountain.

There will be two other communities coming to this area that are currently pre selling there’s going to be a 55 plus adult community of Del Webb Minneola which will be right into the sugarloaf mountain across the street from the current home builders.

Dream finders is the hottest community right now in Lake County. There will be over 600 homes.

With the medical offices, there’s planning for facilities and offices, and the overall design will be cohesive with the architecture of the surrounding buildings.


Industrial Research Park

The industrial research Park area is kind of more of an isolated area. This area will offer many jobs and help develop the area even more.

Hills of Minneola - how its going to look

Dynamic Planning

Now what’s so cool about this area is that they’re not just building residential and commercial retail spaces, the city of Minneola is also looking at this from a standpoint that will sustain the infrastructure for the future. Creating a tightknit community with this type of planning.

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Town Center

There’s going to be a town center which is a gathering space for residents to socialize and enjoy events with each other and it really is something so dynamic to this area which this activity center will help bring together the entire community.

Town Center in Hills of Minneola


Shopping Nearby


Currently, there is already a Publix and nail salon and Starbucks coffee already situated in the area no more than a couple years old. Publix did their research in picking this area that is currently experiencing this boom.

Although this is in the pre liminary phases I am so excited to be talking about this area because it really is an amazing investment opportunity for people who want to have the small town feel invest in an area that’s really about to explode. This boom in Minneola just adds to boom that Clermont is experiencing, and is a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of Orlando. This suburban living really is ideal.


You have the turnpike right on that corner to commute to Orlando or anywhere for your place of work.

From Clermont to Orlando

Nature Trails

If you’re coming for peace and quiet, you can enjoy The Hancock trails right there. This area is surrounded by nature trails as well overall a really great place to live.

hills of minneola nature trails



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