Home Improvements That Add Value

Home Improvements That Add Value: Free Home Improvement Template

Curious to know what Home Improvements That Add Value?  Add value to your home to sell your house for top dollar. You will learn the top 5 tips on what home improvements add the most value and what buyers are looking for. In other words, you save money.

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#5 Add Value by Improving: Curb Appeal

Buyers like to walk up to a home and they see that fresh mulch and a manicured lawn along with flowers lined up.

#4 Painting: You can DIY this.

Move in ready is what buyers look for and the outdoors and indoors painted with neutral colors. Match existing paint with Sherwin Williams ColorSnap®App.

#3 Floors

Buyers like to walk in and there are no dark and dingy carpets for instance. Floors need to be well-maintained and they don’t have to be new floors.

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#2 Kitchen: Home Improvement That Adds The Most Value

After that, the kitchen is the gathering space where everyone eat their meals and talks about their day and where they unwind for the day. Therefore, it’s very important to have the cabinets looking good and well-maintained and appliances that are in working condition. Mostly everyone likes to see granite in the kitchen and you can purchase a cheap granite for $30-$32 per square feet.

#1 Big Ticket Items: Roof and HVAC

Above all,, this is a two in one because they are both the HVAC system and the roof. If these items are fifteen to twenty years old, buyers might want to negotiate this and it’s just going to come up in the inspection period because they are reaching the end of their life expectancy on average.

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